September 23, 2009

Microsoft, Intel Team to Put Silverlight on Moblin Linux

Article Source eWeek
September 23, 2009, 5:06 pm

As Microsoft continues its effort to place its Silverlight rich Internet application technology on a variety of different platforms, the software giant has teamed with Intel to announce that Silverlight will run on Intel Atom-based systems, particularly on the open-source Moblin operating system.

Intel officials said Moblin will support Silverlight 3 early next year. Moblin is an open-source operating system project for netbooks, handhelds, smartphones and in-car computers. Using Silverlight's cross-platform foundation, developers will be able to write applications once and have them run on Windows and Moblin devices, expanding the reach of Silverlight applications to more devices and consumers, and thus demonstrating the continued push into PC, TV and phone, Intel said...

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