June 11, 2003

Microsoft Launches New Security Certification

ljb writes "Apparently, it didn't occur to Continental Airlines exec Nathan Hanks that Linux professionals might
also be frequest flyers. He seems a bit overly defensive about the affect of SQL Slammer on
Continental, but rather than accepting any blame,
he resorts to ad hominen attacks on Linux "guys".

Some choice quote here --

Nathan Hanks, managing director at Continental Airlines, said, "All the guys hacking Windows are Linux guys." Continental was hit hard by SQL Slammer and "our CEO said we'd failed," Hanks said.

Having one vendor throat to choke is helpful in crisis situations, Hanks said. An IT pro can't go to the CEO and say that a server is down, "and hopefully some guy in Amsterdam" will get to a fix when he gets back from the "dope house," he said."

Link: techweb.com


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