December 4, 2003

Microsoft Licensing IP: A Pattern Emerges

Chuck Talk writes "I may have poor eyesight and even poor hearing but I can smell a pattern. You might argue that patterns have no smell, but I choose to disagree. The first wave of the FUD pattern came from SCO Group. Now a new wave appears to be getting ready to crest. You dont have to look far to see the wave front beginning. In fact, it made the mainstream press just today with the announcement of Microsofts intention to license its patented portfolio of software.

The thing that caught my eye was a peculiar pattern that I had noticed before in the speech patterns of the litigious Lindon Cowboys and was directly mirrored by the speech of Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith (as reported by Ina Fried):

"Microsoft General Counsel Bras Smith said the software powerhouse has been getting requests from other companies to both clarify and expand its licensing effort. As a result, Smith said, Microsoft is offering a broad program to license its technology on clear, "commercially reasonable" terms."



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