March 18, 2004

Microsoft - the multi-lingual OS leader!

OwlWhacker writes "Microsoft said it has received complaints from places such as Catalonia, Malaysia and the Arctic regions of Canada. Some argue the fewer languages the better for global trade and understanding, but Microsoft is siding with "linguistic diversity", he said.

Well, well, well. Microsoft has previously told certain countries where to stick it when they've asked for a version of Windows that supports their language. This seems to have changed more recently, in cases such as those of the Welsh and
Nynorsk languages and threats to switch to Open Source software.

So, is Microsoft going to continue saying "No, Linux/Open Source didn't persuade us to take this route, we just care about people (as a market leader)", or will it admit "Yes, Linux/Open Source is backing us into a corner - damn we hate competition!"?"


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