Microsoft, Novell tout Windows/Linux interoperability lab

Microsoft and Novell today announced the opening of their joint new interoperability lab in Cambridge, Mass., 10 months after the two companies unveiled a collaboration deal that aims to make it easier to run Windows and Novell’s SUSE Enterprise Linux together in corporate data centers.
The lab, first touted last fall by the companies, will provide a development facility where engineers from the two companies can work with customers and the open-source community to improve interoperability.
Under their collaboration deal they struck last November, Microsoft is supporting SUSE Linux on systems that run Windows to make it easier for users to incorporate both operating systems. As part of the deal, Microsoft is offering sales support for SUSE Linux and will also co-develop technologies with Novell.
Two of the lab’s first projects will be to improve virtualization and systems management when the two operating systems are used together.



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