Microsoft PerfView is Now Open Source On GitHub


I am happy to announce, that the PerfView source code is now open source as a GitHub repository.    It is available at

The readme associated with the GitHub  repository has getting started information (how to fetch the repository, how to build, test and deploy the code.     We use Visual Studio 2015.   You can download a free copy of  Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition that has everything you need to clone, build test and deploy PerfView.   Thus you can get going with PerfView RIGHT NOW.   The instructions on the PerfView repository tell you how to get started even if you know nothing about GIT (although knowing something about GIT and Visual Studio certainly helps).

The readme also talks about how you can log issues as well as contribute to PerfView.   You should definitely read the documentation about contributing if you intend to do that (probably best however to just start with learning to build / run / debug and get familiar with the code.

We could definitely use help in both documentation and testing, so this is a great place to contribute, especially to start with.

Read more at Microsoft Developer blog.