May 15, 2007

Microsoft Proves it Can't Change

Chuck Talk writes "It didn't take Microsoft long to prove that they cannot change their ways. Much like the spots on a leopard, the company simply does not change its grousing over any competitors' ability to build better software. The company that claims it is such an innovative powerhouse has once again reduced itself to bad behavior in the form of threatening everyone else in the world with litigation.

You know, as free people, we don't like to be threatened by power-mad people who see themselves as absolute rulers and seek to destroy any other ideas - resorting to anything, no matter how wrong it is, in order to cease anyone from having an independent thought. In this matter, Microsoft is acting very much like the playground bully, threatening to sue everyone else because if claims that software patents it holds are violated by "open source."

The company may have lulled many of us into believing that it was possible that they could change through their own "play nice" campaigns - but they have just shown that they can't change. I once wrote to Don Dodge and told him that the company had a lot of bad reputation to overcome and was to blame for its own PR problems. He agreed, and asked that I give them the leeway to try to make a difference and then take them to task if they acted poorly again. Well, I am here to do just that."



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