February 21, 2007

Microsoft Response to Red Hat's Szulik

AlexGr writes "By Todd Bishop, Seattle PI
February 19, 2007 -
In response to Red Hat CEO, Matthew Szulik’s comments dismissing the impact of the Microsoft-Novell deal on Red Hat, Microsoft director of corporate communications, Jeff O’Mara, told Todd Bishop/Seattle-PI that many customers are leaving Red Hat and looking for a Microsoft-Novell solution for a variety of reasons. O’Mara asserted: "Other customers have come to us because they are unhappy with the level of service they are getting from Red Hat. Whether they are motivated by service, Intellectual Property assurance, or interoperability customers are finding great value in choosing Novell and making the investment to migrate to SUSE Linux. It's certainly a little ironic to hear the CEO of Red Hat suggest that free is bad, but we can assure him that Microsoft is generating a return on these certificates and our customers are seeing the benefits of IP assurance and greater interoperability. The terms of our deals are confidential but we can say that, in addition to the migration investment, companies are paying for the certificates, which come with full Novell support. As is common, some early adopters did receive investments from Microsoft and Novell but we will continue to charge for the services delivered through the Novell SUSE certificates.""

Link: blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com


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