May 29, 2002

Microsoft shills on the attack again

Anonymous Reader writes: ", the user community site, is running a commentary by Gary Edwards about the unfair treatment the OpenSource community is receiving from the hands of Gartner and the like. Says Gary:

" The real wonder is that there is any users left who buy the grist that comes out of the shill mill. It would seem to me that Microsoft has been so fully discredited that their methods and minions would also be suspect.

The Microsoft Anti-Trust trial painted them fully as the Enron of the Information Industry, with Gartner playing the role of Andersen. How Gartner escapes the destructive and discrediting taint of Chairman Bill's own special breed of Enronitis is beyond me. Enron collapsed because the investors (users) discovered the scam. Andersen kept the scam going long after the jig was up.

Will someone please explain to me how what Gartner does is any different?""


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