May 11, 2007

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Unleashed

James Pyles writes "Help! That's the first thought that entered my mind when I started reviewing this book. I often
call large books "tomes" but at 1752 pages, this one really is. Not only that, but here's what the
Introduction has (in part) to say about the companion CD: "In order to be able to provide
comprehensive coverage of the new features of SQL Server 2005 and still fit everything in a single book
that doesn't require a wheelbarrow to transport..."
. Like I said: Help! The target audience for
this book by Rankins, Bertucci, et al is intermediate to advanced SQL Server administrators. That's
a big clue to those of you reading this review. Along with the sheer amount of information presented,
the level of complexity will be somewhat higher than what the average beginning IT student will be
used to. That said, let us now dare to enter this (apparently) huge and complicated maze into the
inner workings of SQL Server 2005."


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