July 15, 2014

Microsoft-SUSE Alliance Delivers Linux and Windows Interoperability to More Than 1,000 Customers

Posted by Openness Team

As thousands of our partners gather in Washington D.C. for Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 this week, Microsoft will illustrate how openness translates into partner opportunity, including how Microsoft and open source solutions can work together.

We’ve been fortunate to be on this openness path with SUSE – a 20-year veteran in the Linux space – for several years already, delivering unified solutions, integrated tools, and first-class support for mixed Windows and Linux environments.

Since 2006, the Microsoft-SUSE alliance has helped more than 1,000 customers benefit from joint efforts to improve interoperability and support between Windows and Linux. We extended this agreement through 2016 and remain committed to working in tandem on solutions that help our customers manage critical workloads in mixed-source environments.

For more, check out the below video with Michael Miller, VP of Global Alliances and Marketing at SUSE, talking about our longstanding alliance and how customers like National Stock Exchange and Baloise Group are benefiting from Microsoft-SUSE interoperability solutions. 

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