August 12, 2005

Microsoft talks up Linux lab, R2 at LinuxWorld

Anonymous Reader writes "The Microsoft executive who sometimes is asked what shoes he wears to stomp on all
those baby penguins, Bill Hilf yesterday talked up Microsoft's open-source strategy at the
LinuxWorld Conference in San Francisco. Hilf, who heads Microsoft's open-source lab at the
company's Redmond, Washington headquarters, also discussed Microsoft's upcoming Windows
Server 2003 R2 operating systems and demonstrated some of its Windows-Unix
interoperability features. He also gave a rare glimpse into the company's open source lab,
which he describes as "really funky." In an attempt to create numerous types of
workloads and scenarios, the lab has more than 300 server and client systems, including various
models of Compaq Proliant, Dell, Sun, IBM xSeries, Pogo, Toshiba, Neoware and many other

Link: cbronline


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