December 29, 2005

Microsoft On Verge of Comeback

hzs202 writes "Recently reported on Software-giant Microsoft may be ready to "rock and roll" again. Since 1999 Microsoft's (MSFT) stock has suffered while tech rivals Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) shares have at least doubled, . This increase in stock price is due to a series of product releases scheduled to hit the market during the 2nd half of 2006. This strategy to increase sales began with the pre-holiday release of the Xbox 360 game console, which is on it's way to selling nearly 3 million units in the first 90 days. The product rollout due to follow the Xbox are: Windows Vista, Microsoft's newest Operating System and Office 12, the latest release of the desktop productivity suite. Although Linux-based OSes are growing at an incredibly fast pace Microsoft remains the world's leader in computer operating systems sales; running on 90% desktop PCs and outselling Linux on servers 3-to-1, as reported by IDC."


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