November 26, 2012

Is Microsoft On The Verge Of A Sudden Collapse Predicted By Catastrophe Theory?

The departure of Steve Sinofsky so soon after the launch of Windows 8 was not a vote of confidence by the maker of the worldâs largest operating system. But is it a sign of Microsoftâs imminent collapse?

Last week, usability expert Jakob Nielsen wrote a devastating critique of Windows 8 on his Alertbox blog. He writes, âOne of the worst aspects of Windows 8 for power users is that the productâs very name has become a misnomer. âWindowsâ no longer supports multiple windows on the screen.⦠When users canât view several windows simultaneously, they must keep information from one window in short-term memory while they activate another window. This is problematic for two reasons. First, human short-term memory is notoriously weak, and second, the very task of having to manipulate a windowâinstead of simply glancing at one thatâs already openâfurther taxes the userâs cognitive resources.â


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