March 4, 2008

Microsoft’s trouble with the EU reveals public ignorance

So now we have the European Union regulators fining Microsoft for non-compliance with certain laws. They most likely did indeed break these ââ¬Ålaws,ââ¬Â (hard to tell though with arbitrary language such as ââ¬Åreasonable royaltiesââ¬Â) however, are these laws and their reasoning just?
Somehow, Microsoft has managed to ââ¬Åoverchargeââ¬Â for patent use. So then what is the right price? In reality, there is no moral or legal ââ¬Åcorrect priceââ¬Â - a price is merely a scientific measurement of where supply meets available demand. Microsoft can charge $4.5 million dollars a second for patent use, or it can give them away for two peanuts and some lint - either is morally neutral.



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