July 11, 2001

Microsoft's endorsement of Mono a mixed blessing?

Author: JT Smith

Internetwk.com has a story about Microsoft officials saying they like Ximian's Mono project, with plans to deliver Microsoft's .Net developer tools to the Open Source community. "But Microsoft's support of Mono is simply the same
old same old for the software giant, IDC analyst
Dan Kusnetzky said. Microsoft has historically
achieved market dominance by controlling APIs,
and forcing competitors to write software to its APIs,
only to turn around and change those same APIs.
'Instead of satisfying their own customers' demand,
competitors are busy catching up with Microsoft,'
Kusnetzky said. 'It looks like they've gotten
someone in the open source community to play the
game of following Microsoft around and trying to do
what they do.' "


  • Open Source
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