May 18, 2001

Microsoft's Open Source remarks met with skepticism

Author: JT Smith

Joe Barr tells us about his article at ITworld: "I promise. This is not going to be another long tirade about Microsoft's latest FUD assault on free software and the GNU General Public License (GPL). There may be a short screech or two, but by the time this column appears, most of us will have gotten past Craig Mundie's May 3 speech in New York and moved on to the next RAT (Really
Annoying Thing). The significance of Mundie's remarks is not so much in what he said -- most of that has been completely rebuked in any event -- but in how it was received. FUD, after all, is an attempt to alter reality by changing your perception. Sometimes the FUD she
flies, and sometimes she no fly. Mundie's effort was a belly flop."


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