March 20, 2004

The Microtek S1/D1 Digital Camera for Linux

Looking for a Linux compatible camera for less than $100? MozillaQuest Magazine reports: The photographic quality of the Microtek Take-It S1/D1 is impressive for an under $100 digital camera. In addition to taking digital photographs, you can use the S1/D1 to make video clips and record sound -- or use it as a Web cam. Moreover, you can upload your S1 digital photographs, video clips, and sound clips to your PC or show and play them on your TV.

All in all, at its $99 list price the Microtek Take-It S1 Digital Camera is a very good bang for the bucks. Moreover, other than the Web cam function, the S1 works with all three major consumer/desktop operating systems, Linux, Apple Mac, and MS Windows.

The Microtek S1's light weight and compact, cigarette pack size make it easy to take the S1 with you just about anyplace, anytime. It's great for point and shoot photography, yet you can do some nice quality photography with the S1 also.



  • Linux
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