January 25, 2001

Microway and Scyld Beowulf form partnership

Author: JT Smith

Microway, well- known designer and manufacturer
of high end integrated Beowulf systems, and Scyld Computing Corporation, leading
developers and providers of clustering operating system software; today announced
Microway's entering into Scyld's "Authorized Vendor" program. Microway will provide
pre-integrated, fully tested systems with Scyld's, second generation Beowulf clustering
operating system - Scyld Beowulf.

Microway's custom configured, Alpha- and Pentium-based clusters will be completely
integrated, tested and fully supported. Microway will provide systems based on customer's
needs and can incorporate the latest in processor and interconnect technologies leveraging
Scyld's clustering operating systems robustness and ongoing capability enhancements.

Ann Fried, Chairman and Co-founder of Microway, commented: "We believe that Scyld
has the leading clustering product on the market for high performance computing. Their
technical expertise, support, and commitment to evolve and maintain Scyld Beowulf is
highly compatible with Microway's corporated business ethic. Offering Scyld Beowulf
software will allow us to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers' needs. Plus,
Microway's years of experience providing Beowulf clusters, will assure customers that they
are purchasing top end, well supported cluster solutions."

As a Scyld Authorized Vendor, Microway provides the full support of the operating system
backed by the original development team. This allows customers access to the years of
development and expertise of a company that is a leader in the Linux operating system and
Beowulf style high performance computing. Microway's experienced integration and
technical support team will receive specific training and technical support from Scyld,
delivering Microway customers powerful solutions and top support for cluster deployments.
Scyld software will initially be offered on Microway's new 833MHz Alpha and 933MHz
Pentium clusters.

"The stability, reliability and advanced clustering features of the Scyld Beowulf software will
provide Microway's customers with powerful, well-supported, high performance computing
solutions, featuring a standard platform for the creation and deployment of advanced
clustering applications," states Donald Becker, CTO of Scyld Computing Corporation.

Scyld Computing Corporation develops and supports software for high-performance
computing. Donald Becker, CTO, and Scyld developers are well known in the Linux
community for their extensive contributions to the Linux kernel. Scyld is based in Annapolis,
Maryland. Further information may be obtained at http://www.scyld.com.

Microway, based in Plymouth, Massachusetts has provided HPC solutions to the university
and government research computing communities since 1982. The company currently
integrates Alpha, Pentium, and Athlon processors into Linux and UNIX based
workstations and Beowulf Clusters. Its trademarks include NumberSmasher, Screamer,
FastCache, RuggedRak, and QuadPuter. For more information visit http://www.microway.com.

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