March 12, 2003

MidCOM - Midgard Components Framework 1.0 released

Henri Bergius writes "MUENCHEN, Mar 11th 2003 -- Linksystem Muenchen has released version
1.0 of the Midgard Components Framework (MidCOM). MidCOM provides a
framework for creating reusable and configurable components for web
applications using the Midgard Content Management Framework.

MidCOM development was started by Linksystem Muenchen in March 2002,
and it has evolved into a production-stable release. MidCOM is
available under GNU LGPL.

Key features of the Midgard Components Framework include:

  • Complete working Component Architecture that lets you build
    Websites with highly modularized components.
  • The MidCOM Specification provide complete guidelines about
    namespacing which solves the problem of combining multiple
    components in a single site. The specs also define the exact
    interface between a component and MidCOM.
  • Each component can by loaded dynamically as you need it during
    page output. Ideal for creating portals for example. You can
    even switch the style a component uses when it is loaded
  • An integrated caching engine is able to cache the output of
    MidCOM generated pages. It vastly accelerates average page
    deliviery times. Note, that this engine does fail on highly
    interactive websites.
  • MidCOM is completly based on using the topic tree. You need only
    a single active page which activates MidCOM. It then works with
    the topic tree, which holds all neccessary information.
  • Comonents are stored in a defined way within the snippet tree
    following SUN's Java Packaging naming convention. That should
    avoid any clashes in component naming of different companies.
  • Reworked Style engine providing a far more flexible mechanism of
    putting Midgard Web Pages together. You can now dynamically
    switch to another style during output, this includes an
    automatism that lets you assign a style to a component in use
    that will be activated automagically during output.
  • Automated Administration Interfaces that uses the component's
    interface to dynamically put together the Administrative
    website. It is fully customizable using CSS and a simple Midgard
  • Data Management Class: Combines a tool to store arbitary data on
    a Midgard Object with a MVC-like form generator. You can now
    easily extend an Article Record by just adding a few lines to
    the Schema Definition in use. It can even handle multiple data
    schemas to let your users decide what type of record they want
    to create.

MidCOM 1.0 is available for download at: nloads.html

MidCOM requires working PHP 4.1.0+ and Midgard 1.4.4 installations.

More information

Torben Nehmer, MidCOM lead developer

Midgard - Content Management Framework

Midgard is a freely available framework for Content Management Systems
and other information management solutions. Midgard provides
developers with an easy-to-use framework built on the common Apache,
PHP and MySQL components.

Midgard development mailing list

And one note from Torben Nehmer: Many thanks to Henri Bergius from Nemein
(, he provided me with feedback,
many good ideas and this release announcement."



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