October 18, 2001

Midgard 1.4: Emerging as leading content management system

Author: JT Smith

Henri Bergius writes, "CMSwatch, a portal for content management decisionmakers, has a story featuring Midgard 1.4 and the Nadmin Studio
'Midgard has emerged as one of the leading Open Source content management systems. It has strong community support, a powerful templating architecture, and is highly customizable and extendable. It's latest and most robust administrative interface, Nadmin, is itself an Open Source Midgard extension. Like other Open Source CM packages, customizing Midgard to your needs is not for the technically faint at heart. What follows is a fairly detailed discussion of pros and cons of the platform from a programmer's perspective.' http://www.cmswatch.com/Features/ProductWatch/Feat uredProduct/?feature_id=48."


  • Open Source
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