September 30, 2001

Midgard 1.4.2 "Bifrost" released

Author: JT Smith

The Midgard Community has released a new version of the Midgard Application Server. The release contains Midgard core libraries, scripting language bindings for PHP4, Web application server for the Apache platform and Asgard, the Web-based administration interface.

The 1.4.2 release provides major bug fixes to the Midgard platform,
and is recommeded as an upgrade to all production servers. New
features in 1.4.2 include:

   * Handling of article objects has been improved on both sorting
     and event management
   * The new mod_midgard2 Apache module now supports caching of
     PHP-generated pages
   * Installation is improved by usage of the midgard-config tool
     for universal configuration management
   * The PHP3 bindings have been rendered obsolete

The key features of the Midgard 1.4 Application Server include:

   * Easy and well documented Application Programming Interface (API)
   * Efficient management of Web content using a hierarchical topic
   * Separation of layout, content and site logic
   * Support for editorial workflow and approval mechanisms
   * Attachment of metadata to all content objects
   * Multilingual support and localization
   * Replication for clustered setups and staging
   * Flexible user and group management


Midgard is a freely-available solution for managing content on Web,
Extranet and Intranet services. It is also a toolkit for building
dynamic applications to power eBusiness and Information Management
processes. Midgard has been built and is actively maintained a global
group of software professionals working together in this Open Source

Midgard is a powerful toolkit for managing online information. Writing
applications and functionalities to the platform is done using the
easy-to-learn PHP scripting language. All interfacing with the system
is done via standard Web interfaces, and no special tools are needed
for developers or content authors.

Midgard works on most common UNIX platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD,
Mac OS X and Solaris. Prebuilt binary packages are available for some
Linux platforms (including Red Hat, Debian and Mandrake), and the
system can be installed from sources to most other environments.

Commercial support, applications and services for the platform are
available from a range of companies worldwide.


The Midgard core libraries are distributed under the GNU Library
General Public License, a license which permits the software to be
freely used so long as it is dynamically linked or the user can relink
it to new versions of the libraries. This is the same license used by
the Linux C libraries. This licensing scheme qualifies Midgard as free
software developed with an Open Source model.

The Midgard-based administration tools and usage examples in the
Midgard packages are distributed under the X Consortium license, which
doesn't impose any conditions on modification or redistribution of
source code or binaries other than requiring that copyright/license
notices are left intact. The new administration site, Asgard, is
licensed under GPL.

Official Documentation is licensed GFDL which supports the Free Usage
principles defined by the GPL for code.


Bug reports and enhancement requests on Midgard 1.4 can be submitted
to the Midgard Bug Tracker at:

Users are also encouraged to join the discussion on the Midgard user
mailing list. To subscribe, send an empty email message to:


    Alexander Bokovoy, Midgard 1.x branch manager
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