May 26, 2004

Midgard 1.6.0beta "Five Years" released.

Piotr Pokora writes "Lodz, May 24th 2004 -- The Midgard Project has released the first betaversion of the latest 1.6 Midgard Open Source Content Management Framework.
  • Midgard provides a reliable CMS framework build on top of the LAMPplatform. Midgard's core features include internationalization,accessibility, scalability and PHP connectivity.
  • Major features included in this release:
  • Multilang support
  • PAM support
  • Apache2 module
  • PHP4 module ready to use with Apache1 and Apache2
  • New midgard-data

  • Multilang feature is now easy to use with the new midgard-data packagewhich allows to create or update databases very easily even for Midgardbeginners.This feature makes Midgard more flexible as it separates metadatafrom the current language of objects.
  • PHP4 module may be configured with old Apache or new Apache2.Both modules has caching facilities which increase performance and reducerequests time.These modules have also abilities to work as old apache module which isnow deprecated and no more supported.
  • Midgard-data provides latest Midgard Component Framework - "MidCOM" 1.3,and its twenty ready to use components. User-friendly "Aegir" and admininterface "Spider" are also included in midgard-data. All Midgardapplications may be easy imported to database with new tool "datagard"included in this package. Midgard-data also provides YAMP scripts.
  • Changes from Alpha2 release:
  • Beta release has plenty of bugfixes made mostly for Apache2 and PHP4modules which makes Midgard easier to configure and install on almostall Linux distributions including Mandrake, Red-Hat and Debian, as wellas on Mac OS X.
  • Using datagard tool included in midgard-data is highly recommendedas it updates database structure for new features like multilang, pageowner and cache fix. Sitegroup support is now mandatory.
  • Planned for stable release:
  • * Integrate YAMP with datagard
  • * Make MidRepository workflow module enabled by default
  • * Binary packages for most popular Linux distributions
  • Download page for latest release:

  • Getting started with Midgard:

  • Bugs reporting:

  • About Midgard
  • The Midgard Content Management Framework was initially released in May1999, and has since gathered a sizable user and developer community.Midgard powers thousands of web sites ranging from simple organizationalwebsites to major portals like New Zealand eGovernment site andPlaybill.
  • Midgard is being developed by an international team of professionals.Midgard's development team includes new media
    designers, systemintegrators and content management consultants. Midgard development isbeing supported by several commercial and governmental entitiesincluding the European Union.
  • Piotr Pokora , Midgard Release Manager"
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