February 22, 2006

Midgard 1.7.4 "Kick" released

Piotr Pokora writes "Lodz, February 21st 2006 -- The Midgard Project has released stable
release version 1.7.4 of the Midgard Open Source Content Management System.

1.7.4 is maintenance and bugfix release.


Midgard's 1.7 branch is a major overhaul of the whole Content
Management System. Besides the stable and mature Content
Management features of first generation Midgard, it also
ships a preview version of second generation Midgard
capabilities, allowing developers to have a glimpse at the
new day of Midgard2.

1.7.4 is maintenance and bugfix release.

Midgard 1.7 for end users

For the end users, Midgard 1.7 brings the mature MidCOM
Content Management interface version 2.4, and the new Midgard
Site Wizard for easy website creation.

The new MidCOM has been developed with performance in mind,
and has been moved from the Midgard database into the file
system. MidCOM also includes a new output caching system.

In addition to performance, MidCOM's new features include a
full-fledged metadata management system and integrated content
search using Apache Lucene.

Midgard Site Wizard is the new default way of building Midgard
powered websites. System administrator can use the easy
web-based tool for setting up new organizations, websites and
layout templates within the Midgard database.

Be in control of your content On the applications front,
Midgard includes several new tools, including a social
bookmarks manager and an online order processing and shop

Midgard 1.7 for developers

For developers, Midgard 1.7 brings the first preview of the
Midgard2 programming interfaces, including MgdSchema, Java
support and the new Query Builder. The new programming
interfaces ensure greater flexibility, and have already been
tested in demanding environments.

MgdSchema is the new object model for Midgard built on top of
the GObject libraries. Define your own data structure in
schema XML files, and get the full querying and extension
mechanisms of Midgard available for them.

Midgard's new Java support provides full Java Content
Repository support for the Midgard Content Management System.
This enables

integration and content migration between Midgard and other
enterprise systems.

Midgard Query Builder is the new way to build database queries
within the Midgard database. It supports grouped OR queries,
and making

queries from all properties of the MgdSchema objects.

The MidCOM component framework bundled with Midgard 1.7
includes also several developer-friendly features. The new
Component Base Classes

make component development fast and easy, and the sessioning
service enables writing of continuous applications.

Changes from 1.6.0 releases:


  • MgdSchema (Data structure abstraction layer)
  • New internal types builded with GObjects and GType system
  • XML based types definition

Midgard-apache modules

  • New MidgardSchema directive for pointing correct MgdSchema
  • Page and style elements are handled by midgard internals
    data instead of Apache tables.


  • Classes are defined in XML file
  • New API methods for new MgdSchema objects
  • Ability to run midgard-php from command line
  • API changes
    • mgd_auth_midgard does not send cookie anymore

  • MidgardQueryBuilder class creates and executes SQL queries


  • New file system based MidCOM 2.4 architecture
    • Integrated full-text search using Apache Lucene
    • Metadata management system
    • Several new components including bookmarks
      management and online store
  • New midcom-template package
  • Site Creation Wizard for easy Midgard site building
  • New style templates ready to use with the Site Wizard
  • Datagard's 'update database' option is changed to make
    updates from previous Midgard installations
  • PEAR packages installation supported by Datagard

Changes from 1.7.3 release:


  • Fixed random abort errors in object's quota size function.
  • Rewritten resource handler for multilang records
  • Fixed memory management in midgard tree functions


  • Empty Query Builder's result doesn't produce warning
  • Fixed duplicated repligard records
  • Objects properties correctly set from resource handler


  • Cache directory permission fixed
  • Missing repligard's author column fixed

Planned for next releases

  • Next 1.8alpha2 release : March 2006
  • Automated testing of releases
  • Automated database MgdSchema management and table
  • Deprecation of the classic functional Midgard API in favor
    of Query Builder and MgdSchema
  • Deprecation of Repligard in favor of http://sourceforge.net/projects/exorcist">Exorcist

  • Access Control Lists system

Download page for latest

http://www.midgard-project.org/download/1.7.html"> http://www.midgard-project.org/download/1.7.html

Features and

http://www.midgard-project.org/midgard/1.7/">http: //www.midgard-project.org/midgard/1.7/

Getting started with

http://www.midgard-project.org/documentation/">htt p://www.midgard-project.org/documentation/

Bugs reporting:

http://midgard.tigris.org/issues/reports.cgi">http ://midgard.tigris.org/issues/reports.cgi

User and developers support:

Mailing list: user@midgard-project.org

IRC: #midgard on irc.midgard-project.org

About Midgard

The Midgard Content Management Framework was initially released
in May 1999, and has since gathered a sizable user and
developer community. Midgard powers thousands of web sites
ranging from simple organizational websites to major portals
like New Zealand eGovernment site and Playbill.

Midgard is being developed by an international team of
professionals. Midgard's development team includes new media
designers, system integrators and content management
consultants. Midgard development is being supported by several
commercial and governmental entities

including the European Union.

Piotr Pokora, Midgard release manager


Henri Bergius, Midgard spokesman


The Midgard Project

http://www.midgard-project.org/">http://www.midgar d-project.org/


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