July 18, 2005

Midgard 1.7rc "Patent Free" released

Piotr Pokora writes "Lodz, July 18th 2005 -- The Midgard Project has released the second release
candidate version of the 1.7 Midgard Open Source Content Management Framework.

Midgard provides a reliable, carrier-grade CMS framework build for the the
LAMP platform. Midgard's core features include internationalization, accessibility,
scalability and PHP connectivity.

This development release includes a Midgard2 technology preview.

Changes from 1.6 releases:


  • MgdSchema ( global types information storage )
  • New internal types builded with GObjects and GType system
  • XML based types definition

Midgard-apache modules

  • New MidgardSchema directive for pointing correct MgdSchema path.
  • Page and style elements are handled by midgard internals data instead of Apache tables.


  • Classes are defined in XML file
  • New API methods for new MgdSchema objects
  • Ability to run midgard-php from command line
  • API changes:

- mgd_auth_midgard does not send cookie anymore
- mgd_set_style works with mgd_preparse

  • MidgadQueryBuilder class creates and executes SQL queries


  • New file system based MidCOM
  • MidCOM 2.x component system located in file system for better performance
  • New midcom-template package
  • Site creation Wizard
  • Datagard's 'update database' option is changed to make updates from previous midgard installations
  • PEAR packages installation supported Datagard

Changes from 1.7rc1 release:

  • New methods for MgdSchema objects (get, get_parent, parent, get_by_path, list, list_childs)


  • New core's methods implemented
  • Anonymous mode is forced for Mgdschema objects' methods

- createattachment

- deleteattachment
- updateattachment

  • Fixes in module shutdown function


  • New MidCOM 2.4.3
  • Quota table update is fixed

Binary downloads

Debian packages (testing(etch) and unstable(sid)):
http://www.midgard-project.org/documentation/insta llation/distros/debian.html

Fedora Core 3 packages:
http://www.midgard-project.org/documentation/insta llation/distros/fedora.html

SuSE Linux 9.2 packages:
http://www.midgard-project.org/documentation/insta llation/distros/suse.html

Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages (requires MySQL 4.x - not 3.23.x shipped with RHEL):
http://people.best-off.org/~dsr/midgard/snapshots/ RPMS/i386/

Download page for latest release:


Getting started with Midgard:

Bugs reporting:

Users and developers support:

Mailing list user@midgard-project.org

About Midgard

The Midgard Content Management Framework
was initially released in May 1999, and has since gathered a sizable
user and developer community. Midgard powers thousands of web sites
ranging from simple organizational websites to major portals like New
Zealand eGovernment site and Playbill.

Midgard is being developed by an international team of
professionals. Midgard's development team includes new media designers,
system integrators and content management consultants. Midgard
development is being supported by several commercial and governmental
entities including the European Union.

Piotr Pokora, Midgard release manager

Henri Bergius, Midgard spokesman

The Midgard Project

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