April 27, 2007

Midgard 1.8.3 "Eight" released

Piotr Pokora writes "Lodz, April 25th 2007 -- The Midgard Project has released stable, 1.8.3
release version of the Midgard Open Source Content Management System.

Midgard 1.8.3 release includes major bugfixes and replication framework enchancements.

Read more about changes.


Midgard is a capable open source content management system for running
mid-to-high-end websites. In addition to the built-in content management
features, Midgard also provides a highly object-oriented component architecture
for building interactive web applications that integrate seamlessly with the

Midgard provides unique technology so can be easily integrated with any kind of
environment. From web applications ( Midgard CMS with its component framework -
MidCOM ) to typical desktop ones ( Midgard Framework ). From personal blog to
corporate portals and intranets.

Midgard is also language independent and due to its powerfull architecture is
proved as stable, secure and flexible solution implemented in high range of
environmental targets:

  • PHP or Java applications
  • PHP extension
  • Apache module
  • GTK desktop applications
  • C++ applications.

Get started with Midgard 1.8 today

Midgard CMS provides a powerful toolkit for web publishing and building
interactive web applications. The features include:

  • Comprehensive authoring tools
  • Website management
  • Multilingual support
  • User management and access control
  • Web development


more about features and learn how to create content.

Planned for next releases

  • First alpha release of 1.9 branch : June 2007
  • Automated database MgdSchema management and table initialization
  • Deprecation of the classic functional Midgard API in favor of MgdSchema and
    Query Builder
  • Deprecation of repligard and apache1 support.
  • Integrated midgard-java package

Midgard resources

User and developers support:

About Midgard

The Midgard Content Management Framework was initially released in May 1999,
and has since gathered a sizable user and developer community. Midgard powers
thousands of web sites ranging from simple organizational websites to major
portals like New Zealand eGovernment site and Playbill.

Midgard is being developed by an international team of professionals. Midgard's
development team includes new media designers, system integrators and content
management consultants. Midgard development is being supported by several
commercial and governmental entities including the European Union.

Piotr Pokora, Midgard release manager

Henri Bergius, Midgard spokesman

The Midgard Project

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