April 15, 2002

Midgard presentation from Open Source CMS conference

Henri Bergius writes: The Midgard presentation held by Henri Bergius in the Open Source Content Management Conference in Zürich, Switzerland is now available online.
The presentation can be downloaded as a PDF document:
midgard-oscmsc.pdf (465KB PDF)

Henri's presentation is also viewable in the RealPlayer format:

Streaming version (Bitflux GmbH)

The first annual Open Source Content Management Conference was held in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) in Zürich, Switzerland. The conference was a great success with most major Open Source CMS projects attending. More information about the conference can be found from http://www.oscom.org/conferences/zurich2002/

Henri Bergius is a co-founder of the Midgard project, and a partner of Nemein, a finnish Midgard solution provider. Henri's main responsibilities are in coordinating Nemein's product development for the Midgard platform. Henri's previous appearances have included Global Linux 2000 in South Korea and Linux Expo Madrid 2001 in Spain.

Contact information:

Henri Bergius, Nemein
+358-20-198 6032



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