May 6, 2004

Midgard Project Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Anonymous Reader writes "2004-05-05: The Midgard Project Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Helsinki, May 5th 2004 -- The Midgard Open Source Community celebrates the
5th anniversary of the Content Management Framework project. Midgard 1.0.0
was launched in May 8th 1999 by Jukka Zitting and Henri Bergius.

There will be a Midgard developer meeting in Poznan, Poland on May 8th 2004 to celebrate the anniversary. However, as the members of the Midgard Project are spread internationally it is impossible for many to participate. Instead, everybody can raise a beer glass on Saturday for Midgard and the community that made it possible.

A special "5th anniversary" shirt is available in the Midgard CafePress store, thanks to Tony Lee.

The original Midgard 1.x code base is starting to show age, and the developer meeting will host debate on the future strategy, code named Ragnaroek. People unable to participate are welcomed to join the discussions on the developer mailing list and Midgard IRC channel.

About MidgardMidgard is an Open Source Content Management System integrating world's most popular Open Source web development tools MySQL, Apache and PHP providing an environment for deploying powerful Internet based content management solutions. The Midgard environment includes a component framework and several web-based authoring and administration tools.

Midgard has an install base of thousands and powers solutions ranging from simple organizational websites to huge eGovernment portals.
More informationThe Midgard Project

Midgard 1.0.0 release announcement, May 8th 1999

Midgard 5th anniversary shirt"



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