April 8, 2003

Midgard tutorial at OSCOM 3

Henri Bergius writes
"Want to learn how to build feature-rich, professional web sites with the Midgard Content Management Framework? Henri Bergius, Midgard project co-founder and Consultant Partner at Nemein, will hold a Midgard tutorial session in the upcoming OSCOM 3 conference.
  • Date: Wed May 28th 2003
  • Location: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Cost: Part of conference fee ($200). Register now
  • Lenght: 3 hours

Tutorial participants will learn how to set up a Midgard system, easily "click a site together", and customize the input forms and display of the component data using Midgard's style engine.

Tutorial steps are the following:

  • Installing Midgard (or Midgard Lite)
  • Setting up a Midgard host using the Midgard Components
    Framework (MidCOM)
  • Creating the directory (topic) structure
  • Deciding which site features (MidCOM components) to use
    in which area
  • Customizing component input/output and configuration as
  • Importing existing content to the site
  • Migrating a site layout to Midgard style
  • Assigning correct authoring permissions for content
    creators / editors
  • Providing RSS feeds for news syndication

It is possible to run the tutorial using the web site of a tutorial participant as the example. In this case the tutorial participant will receive the implemented web site, ready-to-run for production usage. Participants interested in applying their sites as the example should contact the presenter (henri.bergius@iki.fi) before the conference.


Midgard is a Content Management Framework built on the Linux, Apache, MySQL
and PHP (LAMP) platform. It is suitable for running medium to large web sites and
complex web applications like PSA and CRM systems. Midgard runs as compiled
modules to the Apache web server and the PHP programming language.

There are several user interfaces and applications available for Midgard including
the Aegir CMS Content Management System, TownPortal portal system for local
communities and the PHPmole Integrated Development Environment. Midgard
also provides MidCOM framework for reusable and configurable application

Midgard Lite

Midgard Lite is a pure-PHP implementation of the Midgard Content Management
Framework. The implementation doesn't require compiling, and can be run on
Windows and Unix systems and hosted environments. Midgard Lite is suitable for
running small to medium sized web sites.

Aegir CMS

Aegir CMS is a versatile and user-friendly Web Content Management System. It
provides site managers with MS Word compatible tools for maintaining site
information, approval system for controlling the publication process, and a
separate layout management system. Aegir CMS operates as an user interface
for Midgard.


Henri Bergius

Henri Bergius is a co-founder of the Midgard project, and a partner in Nemein Oy,
the Finnish Midgard solution provider. Henri's main responsibilities are in
coordinating Nemein's content management deliveries and product development.
Henri's previous appearances have included Global Linux 2000 in South Korea,
Linux Expo Madrid 2001 in Spain and OSCOM conferences.

Email: henri.bergius@iki.fi
Web: http://www.bergie.iki.fi/"

Link: midgard-project.org

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