July 23, 2001

MIMEDefang 1.3 -- flexible mail scanner for virus/trojan protection

Author: JT Smith

MIMEDefang is a MIME mail scanner designed to run on Linux or UNIX
systems, and intended mainly to protect Windows e-mail clients from
mail-borne viruses. It can, however, be used for many other purposes,
such as restricting access to certain e-mail addresses to specific mail
relays, diverting large attachments to a Web server instead of keeping
them in the message, and so on. MIMEDefang requires Sendmail 8.11 or 8.12.
MIMEDefang is available from:


and is released under the GNU General Public License.

Changes since Version 1.2:

o Addition of "$Subject" variable in filter
o "append_boilerplate" action to add boilerplate text to outgoing mail
o "-f filter -test" options to test filters for syntactic correctness
o Better autoconf script which should work with Sendmail 8.12
o Many other minor fixes and improvements


  • Linux
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