September 28, 2007

MindTouch sees fastest adoption among wiki vendors

Author: JT Smith

MindTouch, the first open source wiki company, has just surpassed 100,000 wiki installs in its first year since launch. With an average of 500 installs per day and 5,000 this week alone, MindTouch is experiencing the fastest growing adoption rate among all wiki software vendors.

MindTouch Reaches Over 100,000 Wikis for Intranets, Enterprises and Communities

Thriving global user community and rapid innovation drive adoption

San Diego, CA ââ¬â September 26, 2007 ââ¬â MindTouch , the wiki platform company, today announced it has reached over 100,000 wiki installations since releasing Deki Wiki a year ago. Deki Wiki, an open source wiki and application platform, is now being installed over 500 times per day , making it the fastest-growing wiki software on the market.

MindTouch is seeing adoption accelerating by 50% each month and trending upward. Since launching in July 2006, Deki Wiki has added four languages (German, French, Portuguese, and Russian), over 100 new features, and received numerous awards and recognitions from reviewers and adopters alike, including endorsements from both Microsoft and Novell.

MindTouch credits its success to the quality of its platform and its thriving user community from around the world that keeps driving innovation. Deki Wiki is free for download and use without restrictions. It integrates with numerous online services, including Google Analytics, ThinkFree Office, Windows Live Controls, and the Windows Desktop for easy wiki management. MindTouch backs Deki Wiki with professional support contracts for businesses, enterprise and communities.

ââ¬ÅOur ability to grow a global community so quickly is largely attributable to our product. Early adopters are the best judges of innovation, and they have emphatically voted for MindTouch with their downloads,ââ¬Â said Aaron Fulkerson, co-founder and VP of Products at MindTouch.

MindTouch Deki Wiki is innovating on many levels:

Its page scripting support enables users to create content mashups with data from various applications as if they were part of the wiki.
Its web-oriented architecture enables new features to be added as web-services in a programming language and operating system agnostic manner.
Its comprehensive REST API enables integration with other applications using XML, JSON or PHP.
Its packaging as a VMware certified virtual appliance or as source code provides the quickest and most flexible deployment options available.

Thousands of organizations have already deployed Deki Wiki and are reaping the benefits. Flexible and easy to use, Deki Wiki features a polished WYSIWYG editing experience and is an ideal choice for intranets, extranets, and interactive web sites. It can also power community sites and encyclopedic resources as a platform for social content creation and aggregation. To learn more, visit or MindTouchââ¬â¢s developer community at .

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About MindTouch, Inc.
MindTouch is the wiki platform company. MindTouch wikis improve communication, collaboration, and are easy to use tools for creating web-based communities. MindTouch is deployed by major media companies and online communities, small to large enterprises, research institutions and government agencies worldwide. Today, thousands of organizations already use MindTouch, including Microsoft, Fujitsu, British Petroleum, Stanford University, San Diego Union Tribune and many more. Visit for more information.



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