January 21, 2005

Mini Kernel Dump now supports x86-64 architectures

Shuji Sado writes "Mini Kernel Dump, a highly reliable crash dump feature for the
Linux kernel, now supports 64 bit architectures, reinforcing its
support for more larger systems --

Tokyo, JAPAN - January 18, 2005 -- VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. (VA
Linux), Japan's leading Linux and Open Source solutions provider,
today announced that VA Linux's Mini Kernel Dump now supports x86-64

Mini Kernel Dump is a highly reliable crash dump feature for the Linux
Kernel, developed by VA Linux in collaboration with NTT Data
Corporation (NTT Data, JP:9613). Mini Kernel Dump has been developed
as a part of a complete Linux fault analysis tool suite, and the first
version was released in October, 2004. The earlier versions of Mini
Kernel Dump only support IA-32 architectures. However, this time VA
Linux added support for x86-64 architectures, including AMD64 and
EM64T. This improvement enables customers to use Mini Kernel Dump on
more larger systems based on 64 bit servers.

The x86-64 architecture support extends the applicability and
reliability of Mini Kernel Dump considerably, and contributes more
efficient debugging on tough circumstances. VA Linux will continue to
improve Mini Kernel Dump and reinforce the reliability of Linux-based
systems in enterprise market even further.

About Mini Kernel Dump

Mini Kernel Dump is a crash dump function for the Linux kernel, which
has been developed collaboratively by VA Linux and NTT Data since May,
2004. Mini Kernel Dump automatically sends all internal information
to an external recording device at the moment a fault occurs on
Linux-based systems. When compared with Unix-based enterprise systems,
determining the cause of a fault on Linux systems has been considered
a major weakness. This tool aims to rectify this weak point.

All Mini Kernel Dump code is licensed under the GNU General Public
License (GPL), a well-known open source license, and is hosted on
SourceForge.net - the world's largest Open Source software development

The Project URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mkdump/
The Project Homepage: http://mkdump.sourceforge.net/

About VA Linux System Japan K.K.

Founded in September 2000, VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. (VA Linux),
which has based its operations on the development of Linux and Open
Source, has become one of the premier providers of Linux kernel,
technological, and software solutions in the Japanese domestic
market. From March 2004 onward, VA Linux has been the recipient of
funding from NTT Comware and NTT Data. VA Linux is currently at the
forefront of implementing Linux solutions for telecommunication and
enterprise system markets.


Orie Tsuzuno
Public Relations
VA Linux Systems Japan K.K.
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fax: +81-3-3293-5152
Email: mktg at valinux.co.jp"

Link: valinux.co.uk

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