April 2, 2015

Mirantis Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation, Addressing PaaS and OpenStack

Mirantis is joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation to help allow developers to run best-of-breed tools on top of OpenStack. The company has announced that it will integrate its cloud platform with the app-development framework from Cloud Foundry. We talked about Cloud Foundry's impactful work with open source cloud applications and tools in our recent interview with Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO Sam Ramji.

“Companies everywhere are having to make software and cloud services part of their core competencies,” Ramji said. “Every one of them needs to leverage applications from a limited supply of application developers. So for an open source project to efficiently gather good developers to create code that they can all share —that’s a big core benefit.”  Mirantis will benefit from its new partner in these ways and more.

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