September 20, 2004

Miro International Supports Mambo Open Source Community in Disputing Furthermore Claims

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA ­ Melbourne-based content management company Miro
International, has today announced it¹s full support behind the Mambo Open
Source Development Team and the community in disputing claims of
inappropriate usage of code in "the leading story functionality" in the
front page of Mambo, commissioned by Brian Connolly of Furthermore Inc.,
based in Chicago, USA.

Miro International is the founder and copyright owner of Mambo Open Source,
and is also the supporter of the Mambo Open Source project, it¹s development
team and worldwide community. CEO of Miro, Peter Lamont said, "Miro rarely
gets involved in Mambo Open Source community matters as we have great faith
in the core development team. However, Mr. Connolly continues to upset the
community with threats of copyright infringement to specific individuals in
the community.

"Our understanding is that programming alterations were made to a small part
of a Mambo page to alter the way a news item was displayed. This basic
concept was subsequently re-written and expanded upon by the developer and
released back to the open source community. The developer has stated that
there was no assignment of copyright and Connelly has yet to produce
evidence to the contrary. The issue of the GPL is simple and well
documented. Mambo is released under the GPL and alterations to part of
Mambo's functionality do not alter its license," said Mr. Lamont.

"There are many instances of people abusing Mambo's copyright for their own
benefit and Miro has been active in stopping them wherever possible," said
Robert Castley, Mambo open source project development leader. Mr. Castley
said "This incident has highlighted our need to take action and we appeal
for worldwide support from Mambo users and the greater technology community
to help ensure the continued freedom of Mambo, protect Mambo users and
safeguard open source developers."

Miro has confirmed that it is seeking legal advice and proposes to bring an
action against Mr. Connolly and Furthermore Inc. seeking to restrain Mr.
Connolly from making further threats.

About Mambo:

Mambo Open Source is a full-featured Content Management System (CMS) used by
over five million users worldwide. It has recently won the LinuxUser &
Developer Award 2004 for Best Linux or Open Source Software.

About Miro:

Miro was formed in March 2000 by a group of forward thinkers focused on
building web-based applications for the wider business community. Miro's
efforts centre on workflow and management tools, with all applications
operating from within a web browser. Miro is the copyright owner of Mambo.

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