December 18, 2000

Mission Critical Linux announces NFS support

Author: JT Smith

Newsforge reader Heather Araskiewicz sent in this press release: "Mission Critical Linux, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Convolo Cluster Version 1.2, which fully supports Network File System (NFS) failover."A prominent innovator in Linux cluster technology, Mission Critical Linux, Inc. launched the first Linux-specific cluster solution that provided high availability while guaranteeing data integrity. Convolo Version 1.2 is being released on the heels of the first version, and signals the continued strong commitment the company is making to high availability Linux solutions for the enterprise. Full NFS failover support, including support for NFS locking protocols and the complete set of authentication and privileges, addresses the stringent requirements of Linux deployments, which require continuous network filesystem access.

The Convolo cluster is built from the ground up on Linux, and is certified on all major Linux distributions. The shared storage architecture supports SCSI and Fibre Channel, complete Quorum-based data integrity, active-passive and active-active failover configurations, highly available NFS and Apache services and out of the box database applications such as Oracle, DB2, MySQL, and NFS. In addition, Mission Critical Linux, Inc. has qualified their cluster on the IA-32 and IA-64 architectures.
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"The demand for NFS support has been quite overwhelming, and it has been an exciting challenge," said Brian Stevens, Chief Strategy Officer at Mission Critical Linux, Inc. "We are extremely pleased to be able to deliver a fast response to our customers, thus enabling them to fully deploy high-availability NFS solutions in their large scale networked infrastructure. This continues with our vision of moving Linux to the enterprise."


Convolo Cluster Software Version 1.2 is available now from Mission Critical Linux, Inc., and is priced at $ 1,990 for a two-node cluster. Existing customers will receive Version 1.2 under their 90-warranty. Online ordering is available at The software is delivered in RPM and DEB formats, ready for fast and easy installation or upgrade on any supported Linux distribution. A graphical, browser-based management interface for day-to-day operations and a command-line management interface for scripting of regular operations is included with the package. A 30-day evaluation CD is available through
About Mission Critical Linux, Inc.

Mission Critical Linux, Inc. offers enterprise-ready Linux professional services to help plan and deploy efficient and highly available Linux systems; custom engineering for specific development needs; and 24/7 support to ensure maximum systems availability and performance. By combining these services with ground-breaking Linux technologies such as Secure Service Technology and Convolo Cluster Software, the Company provides commercial Linux users with the tools needed to maximize the performance of their IT infrastructure. Headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, with offices in Santa Clara, California and Europe, Mission Critical Linux, Inc. can be reached at or at +1 877.625.4689 toll free or +1 978.606.0200.

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