November 6, 2000

Mission Critical Linux names IT executive

Author: JT Smith

Mission Critical Linux,
Inc. has announced
that Robert Tumanic will join the organization as Chief Operating Officer.Mr. Tumanic will replace Steve Ofsthun, who will assume the new position of
Senior Vice President of Engineering. Robert has spent over 27 years helping
companies achieve new milestones in their business development.

As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Tumaric will be responsible for
increasing service readiness levels, strengthening infrastructure and
internal processes, and maintaining focus, as well as overseeing overall
operations management.

Mr. Tumanic has left his position as Vice President and Managing
Principal at Unisys Corporation, where he helped achieve a double-digit
growth rate for its Information Services Group and was a key member of the
management team that turned around the company's services business. Robert's
work helped Unisys gain the number two spot in ComputerWorld's readership
survey of system integrators in both 1995 and 1997. Prior to Unisys, Robert
was a Senior Partner at Deloitte & Touche Chicago, where he was responsible
for major client engagements; helped develop their systems integration
practice; and led a nationwide advanced technology unit.

"I am delighted to have Robert Tumanic join our executive team," said
Moiz Kohari, President and CEO of Mission Critical Linux. "Our ambitious
business plan empathizes continuous development and growth. Bob brings with
him invaluable experience in recognizing opportunities and maximizing
potential that will help us become a force to be reckoned with in the Linux

About Mission Critical Linux, Inc.

Mission Critical Linux offers enterprise-ready Linux professional
services to help plan and deploy efficient and highly available Linux
systems; custom engineering for specific development needs; and 24/7 support
to ensure maximum systems availability and performance. By combining these
services with ground-breaking Linux technologies such as Secure Service
Technology and Convolo Cluster Software, the Company provides commercial
Linux users with the tools needed to maximize their IT infrastructure.
Headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, with offices in Santa Clara,
California and Europe, Mission Critical Linux can be reached at or at +1 877.625.4689 or +1 978.606.0200.

-Bonnie Lupis

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