Mission Critical Linux’s Convolo Cluster


Author: JT Smith

Heather Araskiewicz writes “— Leadership cluster solution, based on Open Source technology, is now available —

Lowell, MA, August 7, 2000- Mission Critical Linux, Inc., the cutting-edge Linux products and services company, has announced the immediate availability of its innovative Convolo Cluster solution. The Convolo Cluster is the first Linux-specific cluster solution for enterprise computing to offer high availability for both static and dynamic data application environments – even in the face of multiple hardware and software failures. Convolo Clusters provide out-of-the-box high availability for databases such as Oracle and MySQL and leading Linux applications such as Apache.

Built on Open Source Kimberlite cluster technology pioneered by Mission Critical Linux, the Convolo Cluster adds full product qualification on leading commodity hardware platforms and Linux distributions, as well as comprehensive product warranty and support services. Designed specifically for Linux, Convolo Clusters are ideal for businesses seeking a cost-effective platform that delivers high availability for mission-critical applications. By supporting shared-disk configurations and sophisticated application failover capability, the solution provides continuous availability during planned system downtime, network outages, and hardware and software failures. In addition, Convolo Clusters also safeguard users’ computing environments against system hangs, a common point of failure not addressed by any other commercial cluster offering in the Linux marketplace.

Convolo Clusters elegantly complement existing Linux clustering technologies such as Beowulf Linux clusters (for high-performance technical computing environments) and Linux Virtual Server clusters (for web farms serving static data) by bringing high availability to environments running off-the-shelf commercial applications that access dynamic data from databases and e-commerce applications. Previously relegated to expensive proprietary operating systems and clustering products, back-end database infrastructures can now be deployed on the Linux platform using Convolo Cluster software. Large e-commerce configurations can use a Convolo Cluster in the back end and an LVS-based cluster in the front end – resulting in high-availability across all tiers of the configuration. Convolo Clusters are also ideal for SME (small and medium-sized enterprise), single-tier Web servers that require 24×7 availability for dynamic data e-commerce solutions.

Ordering and pricing
Convolo Cluster software can be ordered via phone by calling 1-877-53LINUX or 1-978-446-9166. Online ordering at the Company web site (www.missioncriticallinux.com) is available starting August 21st. Pricing is $995 per node, including 90-day warranty service. The solution can be deployed in conjunction with Mission Critical Linux’s full array of professional service and support packages, ranging from onsite installation to rapid-response, 24×7 service.

About Mission Critical Linux, Inc.
Mission Critical Linux provides the products, services, Open Source technologies, and expertise to ensure the success of enterprise Linux deployments. The Company’s portfolio includes the leadership high-availability Convolo Cluster solutions based on Open Source Kimberlite technology pioneered by Mission Critical Linux; unique Web-enabled diagnostic and system management solutions; Linux kernel enhancements; advanced training; and deep engineering expertise across all major Linux distributions and heterogeneous software and hardware platforms. Headquartered in Lowell, Mass., Mission Critical Linux has offices around the world and can be reached at www.missioncriticallinux.com or at (877) 53LINUX or (978) 446-9166.