April 13, 2001

Mizi announces high-end embedded Linux OS, LINUETTE v1.0

Author: JT Smith

South Korea's leading Linux OS developer Mizi Research Incorporated (Young-Jin SEO/CEO) introduced
today a specialized Linux OS called "LINUETTE V1.0" with a strengthened multimedia capability
tailor made for High-end PDA and Palm PC.

The introduction of LINUETTE V1.O is a perfect example that embedded Linux has developed into a
full-fledged PDA operating system. It supports both the Linux and the Window platform as well as
well power-managed Linux Kernel, Internet Application, a Professional multimedia player and to top
it off, a second to none Personal Information Management(PIMs) application.

Key features of the LINUETTE

Information appliance will develop into a full-fledged multi-media device includes capable of
Internet surfing and personal schedule management platform. LINUETTE V1.0 supports FM Radio tuner,
MPEG and MP3 players, and capabilities like e-Album, graphic image viewer, CCD camera and diverse
games are added, all which your everyday portable normal audio devices cannot support.

LINUETTE V1.0 is a perfect Wireless Internet Appliance with a built-in web browser and E-mail
client that supports fully functional web browsing. The built-in E-mail client supports POP3 and
IMAP4 protocol.

Mizi has been upgraded the wireless communication capability for diverse information appliance.
Starting off with Palm PC phone, PDA ?s with strengthened wireless communication capability will
be introduced to the market hereafter, and in order to meet this demand, it is designed to support
various wireless communications.

LINUETTE V1.0 supports a PIM system which includes applications like Today, Address book,
Scheduler, To-do, Memo justifying its billing as an ideal private secretary. In addition to this,
focus was also put on user convenience, linking data entity with relevant application for
execution. For instance, if the E-mail address of the address book was clicked then the E-mail
client will be executed.

LINUETTE V1.0 supports both Linux and MS windows platforms which is a world first. LINUETTE V1.0
supports the capability of PDA?s Flash memory being recognized as PC?s additional hard disk drive,
and further supports MS Outlook and Data Synchronization based on SyncML whereby eliminating the
need for Linux users to use Windows for data synchronization of Palm PC and Desktop computer.


LINUETTE V1.0 was introduced to the public as the built-in OS for Exilien 101 Palm PC and Exilien
102 PDA developed by HNT, a Korean company (HNT Co., Ltd., www.hntek.com ). Exilien 101 has a
built-in PCMCIA Wireless communication capability.

Mizi Research has previously showcased its superior technology by successfully applying LINUETTE
V1.0 to smart phones manufactured by Samsung Electronics in 2000.

Industry opinion

"It will be an important product which will be testament to the unlimited possibility of growth
for Embedded Linux and we will concentrate our efforts on acquiring diverse applications like Palm
OS by supporting a third-party developers of the LINUETTE," said Young-Jin SEO, the CEO of Mizi

"We admire the work that Mizi has done with LINUETTE," said Haavard Nord, Trolltech CEO.
"LINUETTE offers developers a solid and stable platform, and we are pleased that Qt/Embedded
programmers can create applications for this platform with ease."

Related web sites and contacts are as following:

Company web site : http://www.mizi.com

Product web site : http://www.mizi.com/en/prod/embed/embed-2.htm (contains screenshots)

E-mail : info@mizi.com

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