June 18, 2002

MIZI Research receiving applications to purchase Linux PDA for developers

MIZI Research is set to sell Linux PDA for developers based on its embedded Linux os Linu@(Linu-ette), in full scale, targeting all developers around the world.
A professional embedded Linux developer, MIZI Research(www.mizi.com, CEO; Seo Young-Jin) announced that they would take reservation on sales of "Linu@ PDA developer version to be launched in the market at the end of this month.

This "Linu@ PDA developer version (Linu@PDA for Developer)" is expected to include Software Developer's Kit, which consists of example samples and sources for development of applications for Linu@ and various development documents together with Linu@ embedded PDA.

Hardware to be supplied is a product (Model name :EnAD C3224) jointly developed by HNT and Wooyoung Telecom, which has StrongARM(SA-1110) processor, resolution of 240*320 and 3.5" LCD supporting 65,000 colors, as well as 32M ROM/RAM, CF-Type II extension slot, digital FM stereo radio by default.

This product is loaded with Linu@ 1.3 version containing various applications and Office programs, available in English version, or Chinese/English version at the price of $450(US$).

One employee concerned in MIZI Research said "we decided to prepare Linu@ PDA developer version to obtain and support the developers who want to develop Linu@ based softwares" and went on to say "we can shorten the development time since it will get easier to develop related applications, if Linu@ PDA developer version is used."

MIZI Research plans to promote the Linu@ developer site(www.Linuette.com), intended to share information among developers who want to develop application for Linet upon launching "Linu@ PDA developer version" this time, and ultimately to actively facilitate the development of application for Linu@, targeting developers all over the world.

Seo Young-Jin, president of MIZI Research, said, "he supply of Linux PDA developer version this time is expected to pay the way for the expansion of embedded Linux developers and Linux PDA users," and declared his commitment, "we will encourage more developers to develop application programs for Linu@ by reinforcing Linu@ developer community for Linu@ developers."

You can visit and check the homepage of Mizi Research(http://www.mizi.com/en/prod/embed/developer/developer_pda.htm), for more information on application or reservation for purchase of Linu@ PDA developer version (Linu@PDA for Developer), relevant S/W or H/W.

MIZI Research: a software development company that is focused on developing embedded Linux and applications aiming at providing broad solutions to IT appliances and Personal Digital Assistants. Established in September 1997, this company was the first in Korea to present in 1999 a desktop Linux - MIZI Linux. In November 2001, the company developed Linu@ - an embedded Linux.

Linu@(Linu-ette) : Linu@ is currently under development by MIZI for supporting PDA and all kinds of Internet IT appliances, is an embedded Linux total solution that was optimized for various embedded devices and that embraces diverse kinds of applications, such as browser, e-mail client, PIMS, multimedia and file editor.

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