March 5, 2003

MMOG FPS Open Source

Steven Winston writes "Global Gaming Innovations is pleased to announce Urban Dominion, a Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter. The engine is loosely based upon the Quake 2 engine, and is significant because it is a first run release that is Open Source (GPL).

This game is made Massively Multiplayer via our PDMS (Parallel Distributed Management System). This system enables any game to be a massively multiplayer game without need for server cluster farms. Instead it creates dynamic cluster grids via preprietary technology.

The game engine will be liscenced according to the GPL (, as will the models, maps, and any other entities that are part of the game. The PDMS is a seperate entity and is to be released as a closed source library. This is the first game to take advantage of the PDMS. This game is also cross platform (tested on RH8.0, and Windows)."



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