October 4, 2005

Moab Access Portal source code available

Cluster Resources writes "Cluster
Resources announced today its release of Moab Access Portal source
code to its customers and partners to improve Moab Cluster Suite's
ease-of-use and expand administrator control.

new benefit lets organizations configure the Web-based end-user job
submission and management tool to accommodate unique site-specific
needs. For example, organizations using Moab can now create automated
batch submission on the Access Portal so end users don't have to
learn batch codes. This ability decreases training requirements for

available source code, organizations can also integrate Moab Access
Portal with their existing Web portals. End users can use the Web
portal they are already familiar with and organizations can
consolidate programs to simplify management.

Access is a graphical interface that lets end users submit and manage
their high performance computing jobs from anywhere over the Web.
Learn more about Moab Access Portal at
http://www.clusterresources.com/products/map/. Moab Access Portal
source code is a value add of Moab Cluster Suite®,
Moab Grid Suite® or
a Cluster Resources' support contract.Please contact Cluster
Resources at (801) 873-3400 to learn more about downloading Access
Portal source code.

About Cluster Resources:

Cluster Resources, Inc.™ is a
leading provider of workload and resource management software and
services for cluster, grid, hosting center and utility-based
computing environments. Cluster Resources' high-performance computing
solutions enable administrators to control and optimize parallel and
serial computing resources. Its professional Moab product line
provides HPC sites with the most advanced workload management,
scheduling and policy control (e.g., advanced reservations, backfill,
checkpoint, preemption, fairshare, prioritization, etc.). Moab is
compatible with batch resource managers such as Platform's LSF,
Altair's PBS Pro, and IBM's LoadLeveler, and open source tools
including TORQUE, OpenPBS and others. Moab runs on Linux, Unix, and
Mac OS X environments, and is also accessible from Windows. For more
information call (801) 873-3400 or visit

Link: clusterresources.com

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