Mobile Centers Of Excellence: A Stupid Name For A Smart Enterprise IT Idea


Many of the world’s biggest companies have only a couple of people in their entire IT department dedicated to mobile. This skeleton crew is responsible for building and maintainin the company’s mobile apps, devising strategies and solutions, handling employee issues around Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and distributing software (apps) that coworkers need to do their jobs. 

As you might imagine, these people are often woefully overworked, not equipped to handle the stacks of problems they face. They are in this situation because the geniuses in the executive suite believe that the company needs to “do mobile” – but because they don’t really understand the value, they’re unwilling to invest more than the absolute minimum amount of resources.

This scenario is a reality in many non-tech, Fortune 500 types of companies. They know they have to go mobile but have no idea what that really mean.

Research firm IDC has a better idea than the classic “band-aid on a shotgun wound” approach to new IT solutions for large enterprises: Mobile Centers of Excellence.

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