Mobile Data and Insecurity

Chuck Talk writes “The Internet brings us rapid access to data, so much so that with that access, we often forget that the physical world is just as (if not more so) accessible. In fact, it takes far less skill to use brute force to gain access than to use electronic subterfuge. Electronic cracking makes for great literature and entertaining reading, but it represents a methodology that is both complex and time-consuming.

Unfortunately, the old methods of crime still work quite well. While we are distracted by the unlawful activities of phishing, stock-trolling scams, SPAM, cracking, viruses, worms and other electronic crimes, the old method of breaking and entering can yield a much faster and greater reward to criminals. It seems that many organizations have allowed security to take a back seat for far too long. According to a story by Melissa Pinion-Whitt in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, a clever gang of laptop thieves managed to steal portable computers from American Express that contained confidential credit card account information.”



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