Mobile Edge Computing Creates ‘Tiny Data Centers’ at the Edge


One key element of 5G is likely to be Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), an emerging standard that extends virtualized infrastructure into the radio access network (RAN). ETSI has created a separate working group for it — the ETSI MEC ISG — with about 80 companies involved. 

“MEC uses a lot of NFV infrastructure to create a small cloud at the edge,” says Saguna CEO Lior Fite. Saguna has created its own product, the Open-RAN MEC and is involved with ETSI MEC ISG. Fite says the ETSI group is creating a set of APIs to define “a tiny data center at the edge.”

Saguna’s own MEC technology comprises two main components. The first is a multi-access compute element, and the second is a management element.

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