September 17, 2009

Mobile Tools Gain Moblin v2 Targeting

Article Source MoblinZone

It's no secret Intel is aiming x86 at mobile phones for the first time, with its forthcoming "Moorestown" processor. Dev tools vendor Mobile Sorcery hopes to be ready, pledging to add Moblin v2 as a target option in its "MoSync" cross-platform IDE.

MoSync is an Eclipse-based IDE; however, it apparently supports only Windows development hosts. Somewhat similar to Trolltech's Qt IDE, but with a much more device-centric focus, the MoSync IDE aims to let mobile app developers target a whole bunch of different mobile phone models from a single C/C++ or Java codebase. Given the insane profusion of mobile phone models out there -- product lifecycles for phones seem to be about a year or less these days -- it's a worthy if Herculean challenge to take on...

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