February 25, 2002

mod_protection 0.0.1 for Apache HTTPd

Author: JT Smith

shockzor writes: "Hi, shockzor here.. I am very excited about this release and we are proud of it. yaroze coded a module for Apache that is really useful.

mod_protection is an Apache module that integrates basic function of an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and of a firewall (not yet). Your Apache administrator only has to install mod_protection and define rules. When a malicious client sends a request that matches the pattern on your rules the administrator will be warned and the client gets a user defined page or a error or something that notifies that now he will be prosecuted or ... The warning system just writes on a socket, so on the other side of the socket you can put an application that send you a mail, an SMS, a message in your favourite IM or a notify in your IRC client, or why not open a message box on your usual box. You can get it here at twlc.net.
Feedback would be greatly appreciated."


  • Linux
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