October 31, 2005

Momentum Grows for Linux Email Provider Scalix

Anonymous Reader writes "Scalix Community Edition Server Downloaded 5,000+ Times In First Two Months

San Mateo, CA—October 25, 2005—Scalix, the leading provider of new generation enterprise email and calendaring on Linux, today announced that several hundred enterprises in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim have purchased Scalix for email and calendaring since it became commercially available in early 2004. In addition, Scalix Community Edition, the free, unlimited use version has been downloaded over 5,000 times since its introduction two months ago and continues to gain momentum among a growing community of enthusiastic supporters. Half of Scalix’s customers are replacing Microsoft Exchange, with the remaining half replacing Lotus Notes/Domino, Novell GroupWise, SendMail and POP/IMAP email systems.

"Customers are choosing Scalix for two important reasons", said Julie Farris, Scalix founder and chief strategy officer. "First, they have either standardized on or want to move to Outlook, but they want to avoid the excessive costs and complexity of a Windows messaging infrastructure. Second, many organizations are thrilled to provide a large percentage of their users with a robust web mail client that combines the power of desktop mail and calendaring with the ease-of-use and ubiquity of the Internet."

Scalix customers include Fortune 1000 as well as small and medium businesses in a cross-section of industries, including high tech, retail, manufacturing, financial services, transportation and hospitality. Customers include SAS/Radisson Hotels, Concordia Bus (top European transit system), the Cleveland Indians baseball team, Leoni Cable (global supplier of cable and wiring systems), Maico (premier provider of building technology systems), Optovision (German Optics firm) and a worldwide leader of network equipment. Scalix is also seeing strong demand from the public sector and educational institutions. Customers include the State of Massachusetts Trial Courts, Massachusetts State Police, City of Grand Rapids, City of Garden Grove, University of Florida MSE and Roger Williams University.

Committed to making email and calendaring easily accessible to anyone in the world, Scalix introduced Community Edition, a free, unlimited use version, downloadable at http://www.scalix.com/communityedition/index.html. According to a survey of Community Edition users, 68% were planning to replace Microsoft Exchange. One user commented, “We are an IT consulting firm. Our clients are demanding more and more Linux solutions. Our clients are fed up with Windows, viruses and rebooting again and again just to apply an update to the system.”

The user survey also revealed that 70% of downloaders were attracted to Community Edition because of Scalix Web Access, a full-featured email and calendaring client that delivers Outlook functionality via a web browser. Scalix Web Access delivers unmatched desktop grade functionality making it the industry’s most advanced AJAX application. According to David Ferris, President of Ferris Research, a respected research firm focusing on the messaging market, “The best web client for the last couple of years has been, and continues to be, Scalix Web Access... This is a very impressive product." Scalix Web Access was also featured on the cover of InfoWorld magazine as a leading AJAX application and for its striking resemblance to Outlook.

Community response to the Scalix Community Edition has been enthusiastic. "We are using Scalix Community Edition exclusively for our mail serving needs,” said Mike Hartley, head of the Salem, Oregon, Linux Group. “I highly recommend that anyone interested in an email and calendaring platform check this product out first." Only 19% of Community Edition downloaders have sought technical support, a testament to its ease of installation and configuration. Over 83% of those that sought support received help from the Scalix Community Forum, the burgeoning community of Scalix users.

Scalix also recently expanded its global distribution by partnering with the world's largest reseller of OpenXchange, RICIS, Inc., which sells, installs, services, and supports Scalix through its partner network in 64 countries.

"Scalix's growth is fueled by organizations clamoring to provide users with high-function Outlook support and robust web email, without the baggage of Exchange, the full commitment to Active Directory and the legacy of Windows,” said Glenn Winokur, Scalix CEO. "They are benefiting from the increased reliability, security and performance of Linux and Scalix, and lower software licensing costs by avoiding vendor lock-in."

Scalix has received industry acclaim for bringing innovation to email and calendaring as well as being a viable alternative to legacy proprietary messaging systems. Scalix was recently chosen Best Messaging Solution at LinuxWorld, making it a two time consecutive winner of this award.

About Scalix Corporation

Scalix is the leading provider of new generation email, calendaring and collaboration software. Based on Linux and open systems, Scalix allows companies to reduce the cost and complexity of their email environment with a richly-featured, reliable and scalable messaging solution that blends seamlessly with both open source and proprietary software, including Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Active Directory. Scalix offers customers flexibility and freedom of choice from the desktop to email related infrastructure components at all levels of the IT stack, helping them achieve independence from technology and licensing lock-in. Customers include Fortune 1000 enterprises, government agencies and educational institutions. Scalix has received industry acclaim and awards recognizing it as a leader in new generation messaging and collaboration. Scalix's team of messaging industry veterans has helped pioneer the world's most successful messaging systems at IBM/Lotus, cc:Mail, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. The privately held company is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices and distribution partners in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. For more information, visit www.scalix.com.

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