February 6, 2004

Monopoly Manages Government

Chuck Talk writes "In a dangerous sign of things to come, Microsoft has been allowed not only to join, but also to chair the American Bar Associations antitrust section. This announcement comes to us via Ted Bridis, an Associated Press Technology and Business Writer. The report is truly fascinating and exemplary of what is absolutely wrong with our society. At no time in our past has the government allowed a corporation to dictate or recommend the punishment it would accept in the face of Justice.

I am ashamed for the American Bar Association that they should bow to such obvious pressure from Microsoft to allow them to sit upon a committee that was established to curtail the activities of rampaging monopolies. The act seems entirely too coincidental to be anything other than a sellout of the American public. Were there more men of honor, they would not allow a company that has lost its antitrust litigation to sit upon such an influential committee.

It is blatantly obvious that Microsoft only seeks to chair this committee so that they may make recommendations that favor their ongoing settlement and any further judicial oversight of their compliance. It is blatantly obvious once again that the monetary influence of Microsoft is able to purchase their way into key committees, legislators offices and within the Judiciary and all other branches of government as well."

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