May 30, 2005

Monoppix Screenshot Tour

Anonymous Reader writes "DistroWatch reports - The Monoppix live CD has been upgraded to version 1.0.6: "Stack upgrade release of Monoppix version 1.0.6. What's new in this release: Monodoc, mcs, Mono, libgdiplus, gtk-sharp 1.06; Xsp 1.0.8; Monodevelop 0.51; Cairo 0.2; included DotNetSamples document; improved desktop links." Monoppix is a Knoppix-based live CD Linux distribution created with the goal to showcase and spread Mono technology, a free.NET framework implementation to Linux/UNIX operating systems.

Roiy from Monoppix sent us at OSDir some interesting screenshots of their recent release."



  • Linux
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