April 9, 2001

MontaVista debuts Hard Hat Linux 2.0

Author: JT Smith

From a press release at BusinessWire.com: MontaVista Software Inc., the company powering the embedded revolution, today
announced the much-anticipated 2.0 release of its Hard Hat Linux operating system. Hard Hat Linux 2.0 is the first embedded OS and tool kit
based entirely on the latest Linux 2.4 kernel and boasts unrivaled support for embedded processor architectures, CPU boards, and software
components. The feature-rich release spans the universe of embedded applications, targeting designs as diverse as consumer electronics,
instrumentation/control, and communications infrastructure. Extremely scalable, Hard Hat Linux 2.0 is equally at home on deeply embedded, diskless
designs with small RAM/ROM footprints, and in complex business-critical applications, with stringent "5-nines" availability requirements, running
hundreds of processes and managing massive loads. PR Newswire also has a release about MontaVista and Trolltech AS demo-ing MontaVista's Hard Hat Linux bundled
with Trolltech's Qt/Embedded at MontaVista's booth 122 at the Embedded Systems
Conference in San Francisco, April 10 - 12.
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